Monday, August 11, 2014

Quick post on gaming and writing

A bit of a shorter post today, as I have many and many a thing to do before I flee for GenCon.  This is the eighth or ninth year I've gone, and I always go as a demonstrator for Asmodee Games.  It's a ton of fun, though a touch on the exhausting side, so who knows how much actual writing will get done this week?

I've noticed that over the past ten years or so, while I've become more serious about my writing, I've also spent more time playing games (mostly board games and roleplaying games).  Both types of games have definitely influenced my writing, and my writing experience has influenced my game play.  I hope to get into this in more detail another week, but I'm curious - of those of you who write, do you also game?  Do you feel like there's an impact between one activity and the other?

Have a good week, my friends!