Friday, December 2, 2016

November Round-Up

November is finished. I didn't make it on Nanowrimo, which isn't all that surprising. I do like the characters I created, so I think I'm going to continue the story and see what happens.

Words written YTD: 59,195 on two and a half projects (Paranormal Investigations novels, a prequel short story that didn't really go where I wanted it to, and Novel Wars (my Nano)) - a small bump in preparation for, well, tomorrow.

Writer-ly things accomplished: Most of what I created for Nano ended up being character development, which is always fun. It gives me ideas...*cackle*

New books read: Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady's Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners (this was so glorious, and similarly terrifying); Origins of the Specious (a book on word origins - fun, though a little dry); The Palace Job (billed as Leverage meets high fantasy, comes across more like the A-Team meets high fantasy; I enjoyed it a great deal)

Old books re-read: Storm Front and Fool Moon (Dresden 1-2); The Atrocity Archives and The Concrete Jungle (Laundry Files 1-1.5); Dealing With Dragons (one of my favorite books from childhood, and re-reading it has shown me so many things that I missed when I first read it)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Nanowrimo Day 28

Current word count: 15,917
Goal word count: 50,000
What's happening: The ~mysterious~ final contestant is revealed, and she and Maxine have...history. The judge also makes his first appearance, and smarms all over everything. Now onto the show!

You know, at this point, if I manage to make it somehow, it'll be pretty danged impressive. If, as is significantly more likely, I don't make it, I'm still pretty happy with what I've got, and I'll want to finish the story up. Next month, however, will be the beginning of Crochet All the Baby Blankets (No Seriously, All Of Them). It'll be a nice break, I think.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Nanowrimo Day 25

Current word count: 12,016
Goal word count: 50,000
What's happening: Literary Fiction Dude gets a little whiny about the fact that no one really knows (or cares) who he is, as opposed to the genre fiction folks. People have made their way through the makeup and wardrobe machines, and a ~mysterious~ final contestant is about to be revealed. Then maybe we can finally, I don't know, DO something?

I really wish I were able to write things out of order, because then I would skip things like all the introductions and go straight into people fighting each other with words and imaginary warriors. However, I don't enjoy outlining things down to the details, and I like discovering things as I write, which means I generally have to write them in order to learn what the devil happens next.

Happy Friday, all! If you decided to brave the Black Friday stores, I hope you all managed to get what you needed without causing or receiving injury. Meanwhile, I'll be over here, shopping online and avoiding people.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Nanowrimo Day 21

Current word count: 10,442
Goal word count: 50,000
What's happening: The altercation between the literary critic and the romance novelist is broken up, much to Maxine and Oscar's disappointment. Our next contestant, Genre Fiction Perky Goth, is introduced, and we discover that Maxine really hates being called Max. Also we just barely meet our fifth contestant, Literary Fiction Dude (who's not nearly as intimidating or boring as he seems).

I broke 10K, woo! We'll just have to see how things pan out, but everyone's interacting with each other (mostly) nicely, so I think the sandbox is going to be a lot of fun.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Nanowrimo Day 18

Current word count: 8,644
Goal word count: 50,000
What's happening: The second novelist (the first-ever fanfiction writer in the Wars) makes their appearance and confuses everyone, then is whisked away to wardrobe. The third novelist, a literary critic who's certain he can write better than all of the drivel he's seen win the show, is confronted by the first novelist, who is the reigning champion and best-selling romance novelist. Maxine and Oscar look for popcorn for this particular fireworks show.

I don't really know why I'm so optimistic about this. Even though I'm only writing a few hundred words a day, I'm still writing every day, and I like where things are going. I'm refusing to throw in the towel on this, but I don't think I'll be too upset if/when I don't win Nano this year. I guess it's nice to be optimistic about something right now, given the current climate of gloom and doom surrounding the country. Stay safe, my friends.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Nanowrimo Day 14

Current word count: 6,541
Goal word count: 50,000
What's happening: The introduction to the format is explained, and Oscar gets to meet the first of the novelists, and fanboys all over her. The second novelist is about to make their entrance, and nobody really knows what to do with them yet.

Behind or not, I've managed to write every day. Even with last week being scary and rough (in addition to the election, a couple of anniversaries also happened to be that week, so that was less than fun). I keep having parts of Sia's song "Alive" running through my head, and I think I'm going to put together a "Not Yet Dead, Dammit" playlist for when I need it. I've the feeling I may need it a lot in coming days (weeks, months...)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Nanowrimo Day 11

Current word count: 5,301
Goal word count: 50,000
What's happening: Finally, Maxine and Oscar get around to filming the introduction of Novel Wars, thus spelling out for the home audience (and readers) just what the devil is going on. Also, the director hates the producer, so that should be fun.

Still behind, naturally, but I'm feeling a little better about where I'm going. This week has been rough for a number of reasons, but I need to stay on target and keep going. After all, now is the time to...