Sunday, November 30, 2014

End of Nanowrimo and New Ink!

Alas, I'm not winning Nano this year.  I'm disappointed, but I'm not all that surprised.  I've gotten a good handle on what I want to do with the story, so I'm hoping to continue with it over the next few months.  My goal is to have something ready for self-publication by this time next year (and I'm pretty sure I said something very similar around this time last year, so take that goal with a grain of salt).

In other news, yesterday I finally got a couple of tattoos that I've been planning for several months.  They're both song lyrics, one around each wrist, and they were done by the magnificent Magdalena Sky at BJP Southcenter.  I wanted to go over what I got, and why, when it's still fresh in my mind.  Pictures!

The right wrist:


The quote around the right wrist is the title of Seanan McGuire's beautiful song, "My Story is Not Done", with a quill across the inside of my wrist.  I first heard her music at a concert at Norwescon earlier this year, when I finally went to my first filk concert.  While I had heard of this style of fandom-related music, I had never actually listened to it.  I'm a huge fan of Seanan's fiction, and so I thought it would be great to actually listen to some of her music since she was performing live.  I was absolutely floored by the music.  I immediately bought everything I could from the merch table, and one of the CDs had this song on it.

I've been fighting depression for many years, and I wanted something that would remind me that I still have more to do.  I also wanted to remind myself of my dedication to writing - thus the quill.

The left wrist:

The quote here is from Michelle Dockrey's (of local filk group Vixy and Tony) fan anthem, "We Are Who We Are", and it says "we are creators of our own worlds," with a book on one edge of my wrist.  Vixy and Tony was another act in the same concert at Norwescon, and they were actually the first ones I had heard.  I nearly broke into tears when I heard them, and all I could think was "I didn't know we could do that."

This reminds me of why I got into the business of storytelling, and how much I enjoy the worlds others have created.

I admit, I'm a little nervous about going in to work tomorrow, but I adore the art on these.  They've been done beautifully, and I would recommend Magdalena in a heartbeat.

How about you?  Any literary or musical tattoos?  Anything you would like to get, but are nervous to get inked permanently?