Friday, September 18, 2015

More Nano Prep

After Monday's writing session, my writers' group decided it would be a good idea to spend Mondays coming up with ideas, and Fridays either writing a snippet based on Monday's ideas, or sharing those snippets.  Basically, we're trying to get a little bit of training in before the marathon that is Nanowrimo.

As a reminder, after Monday's session, this is what I have to work with:

Setting - a foggy bridge at sunset, lit by gas lanterns
Story hook - Murder most foul
Character 1 - Ivan the terrible (unrelated)
Character 2 - Desert nomad
Character 3 - Yogi
Character 4 - Witch in training
Atmosphere - T-rex

"I...I had no idea the spell was that powerful," Ilana whispered as she looked down on the body on the bridge.  Well, what was left of the body, really - the head had fallen off the edge of the bridge, lost in the fog surrounding the structure.  She turned to Swami Joey, her blue eyes starting to fill with tears.  "Is this my fault?  Did I do something wrong?"

The yogi knelt next to the young woman and put his arm around her.  "You didn't do anything wrong, my dear."  His voice was oily, and his hand slipped further down the blonde's shoulder as he "comforted" her.  "I don't think this had anything to do with your little cantrip.  Ivan had a great number of enemies, after all."

Tabor shifted uneasily, moving his pack from one shoulder to the other.  "Ivan didn't deserve that.  No matter how terrible he was, he didn't deserve to lose his head like that."  He stared down at Ilana, his face hardening.  "This is what you get for attempting to meddle with dark magic."  He turned and stormed down the bridge, the fog enveloping him as he left.