Monday, February 8, 2016

So, What's Your Favorite Book?

There are some recent changes going on at work. Specifically, my boss' boss (or my Grandboss, as I like to call him) will be moving to another team within the legal department. He's been with my team (Kindle Content) since he started six years ago, so we're going to miss him quite a bit.

Kindle Content basically means that he heads up the group that supports teams working with publishers of all stripes (including indie publishers) to get books, magazines, and comic books into the Kindle store and printed on demand. It seemed fitting that we get him a going-away gift that is related to books. My boss came up with the idea that we give him a copy of everyone's favorite book.

It's a good thing that the going-away toast isn't until Friday, because everyone had to take some time to come up with their favorite book. It's not an easy question, especially if you read a lot. I have my default favorite, based on how many different editions I own (A Wrinkle in Time), but somehow I didn't feel like that was quite appropriate for the audience. I decided to go with Small Gods by Terry Pratchett instead.

Everyone else, however, went with the classics. It almost makes me wonder if these are truly people's favorite books, or if it's the book they're most willing to admit to liking; for a lot of people, I get the feeling these are two different things.

So! What's your favorite book? What do you actually hold dearest to your heart, and what do you respond with when someone you don't know that well asks that same question?