Friday, January 23, 2015

National Readathon this Saturday

On Saturday, I will be taking part in the National Book Foundation’s National Readathon Day.  The goal is to raise money for some of the programs run by the National Book Foundation, including programs that help encourage kids to continue reading for fun as they get older.  Seeing as I spent the majority of my childhood buried in a book (or three), I'm hoping to help some other kids learn to ignore the world with a good book.

I’m planning to read at least one utterly ridiculous book (current front-runner is A Modern Witch, though I’m open to suggestions) between noon and 4pm PST tomorrow.  If you’d like to donate, my page is here.  I'm also planning to update this blog with the occasional reactions and progress updates, so you can keep it here to see how long I last with the Modern Witch.

Thanks, all, and I'll see you tomorrow!