Friday, January 16, 2015

Writing Excuses Master Class - What do you do with a story idea?

Round two of the Writing Excuses Master Class - now that you have story ideas, what do you do with them?  This week's writing prompt may be a little more difficult for me, because my original ideas weren't all that fleshed out:

Using last week's five story ideas (or five new ones):

  • Take two of them and combine them into one story.
  • Take one and change the genre underneath it.
  • Take one and change the ages and genders of everybody you had in mind for it
  • Take the last one and have a character make the opposite choice.
Starting from the top:
  • Combining two, we've got the villain press conference and sense-jamming, because who wouldn't be pleased with villains who could jam the heroes' senses?  It's a new technology, and the League of Heroes has to deal with the consequences.
  • Change the genre: the camera shop is a shop of horrors, and the employees are forced to keep the portal open or risk the wrath of their keeper, who maintains the portal in order to keep his power and his youth.
  • Change the age/gender: originally I had thought of the person seeking the love currency as a young-ish man, but now I see it as an elderly woman who's lost the love of her life, and she's searching for enough love currency to keep herself going (love currency ties directly to vitality).
  • Make the opposite choice: "honey blood" is now something people are actively trying to avoid, as people force the potion into others to make them into "spare part" donors, and the rich keep them around to allow themselves to have the kinds of bodies they had when they were young.