Monday, May 11, 2015

Writing Excuses Master Class - Project in Depth: "Parallel Perspectives"

Once again, I'm demonstrating just what a clever woman I am.  I apparently missed a writing prompt, so pretend this one happened before the last post, yes?  They actually tie together pretty well, and I'm hoping they'll help with the synopsis for the anthology submission I'm still working on.  The writing prompt:

Decide on the promises you want to make to your readers in your story. Then outline according to those promises.

Promises, promises.  OK, here goes:

I want the reader to be curious about the idea of memory monsters.
I want the reader to be uncertain of what exactly happens in the main character's mind.
I want the reader to root for the main character/narrator as she travels in her own memory.
I want the reader to fear for the main character's sanity.


  • Meet Julia (main character/narrator)
    • Recently moved to a new town
    • Finds herself flashing back to things she doesn't actively remember
    • Decides to seek help
  • Meet Dr. Evans
    • Psychiatrist Julia is referred to
    • Specialist in memory recovery
    • Decides to take Julia on as a "challenge"
  • First session of "Evans method" of treatment
    • Dr. Evans sends Julia into her own memory
      • Described as a hallway full of doors
        • Behind each door is another scene/memory populated by memory monsters
      • Julia meets younger version of herself as a guide
    • Dr. Evans decides to pull Julia back before she's ready
      • Wants to know what happened, Julia can't describe beyond what we saw
  • Second session of "Evans method" of treatment
    • Julia decides to go back into her memory on her own
    • Encounters memory monsters that don't want to be found
      • FIGHT!
    • Comes out of it, but not sure who won the fight