Friday, September 9, 2016

Editing, First Pass

I've been working on taking a first go-through of what is currently draft zero of Paranormal Investigations, Inc., and it's been an experience. For the most part, I'm looking through what I've written and seeing what's changed in the...three? four? years that I've been drafting this thing. Clearly, some major changes have taken place - I mention in the first few pages that Alison didn't want to move back in with her parents after college, which is good, because her parents are, y'know, dead and all, and have been since she was about 8...oh, and she moved back in with her grandfather instead.

Still, it's nice to take a look at some of this and realize it's not all as awful as I was expecting it to be. I tend to be my own harshest critic, so I usually cringe at the idea of reading my own writing, as I'm convinced it's horrible and hardly makes any sense. And true, there are some things in here that need updating or removing entirely - this is draft zero, after all, also known as "GET WORDS ON PAGE!", so some things aren't making as much sense as they could.

Still and all, I'm finding that I'm enjoying the story. I'm a little surprised by that. I'm also looking ahead to what I can do for Nanowrimo this year, so I can be ready to start on November 1 with some idea of where I'm going. It would be nice to have a plan beyond, well, "get words on page".