Monday, March 2, 2015

Writing Excuses Master Class - Who Are All These People?

Time to try to catch up on Writing Excuses' Master Class.  This prompt is going to interesting, I think:

Pick one of the dead-drop characters from the exercise two weeks ago, and turn them into a secondary character. Now take one of the characters with whom they interacted, and write the same scene again, but from this new character's POV.

We're going to go with Alison and Matthew, the last try on my previous post for the Master Class.

Matthew was certain that Alison was going to get herself killed.  If he'd had his way, he would never have pushed this kind of job on such a green recruit, but he didn't have a choice.  He sat back in the shade of a tree, trying to keep an eye on the girl without being completely conspicuous.  "Keep going," he muttered under his breath when he saw her linger at a jewelry stand.  "You can shop later!"  He nodded to a couple of women walking by, but realized that they hadn't even looked twice at him.  There were times, he thought, where living in an age with cell phones everywhere makes it much easier to go unnoticed.

He flinched when Alison got tangled in the leash of an enthusiastic dog, holding his breath when she bobbled the package and nearly dropped it.  Finally, she scurried out of sight into the correct booth, and Matthew breathed a sigh of relief.  She had managed to pass the first test, so her training would continue.  He was happy, as he hadn't looked forward to the idea of having to remove her from the field.  He started to move toward her, but stopped when he saw her duck into a jewelry stall.  With a sigh, he slid to the ground and opened his book.  He might as well give her a few minutes to shop - she'd earned it.