Friday, November 25, 2016

Nanowrimo Day 25

Current word count: 12,016
Goal word count: 50,000
What's happening: Literary Fiction Dude gets a little whiny about the fact that no one really knows (or cares) who he is, as opposed to the genre fiction folks. People have made their way through the makeup and wardrobe machines, and a ~mysterious~ final contestant is about to be revealed. Then maybe we can finally, I don't know, DO something?

I really wish I were able to write things out of order, because then I would skip things like all the introductions and go straight into people fighting each other with words and imaginary warriors. However, I don't enjoy outlining things down to the details, and I like discovering things as I write, which means I generally have to write them in order to learn what the devil happens next.

Happy Friday, all! If you decided to brave the Black Friday stores, I hope you all managed to get what you needed without causing or receiving injury. Meanwhile, I'll be over here, shopping online and avoiding people.