Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting back on the horse

Apologies for the radio silence last week.  The US holiday weekends always throw me off my rhythm, and I never realize how much of a creature of habit I am until my routine gets disrupted.  The plan is to be back on track now, so we'll see how long that lasts.

Speaking of getting back on track...I freely admit that I've been neglecting my stories woefully.  Without something like NaNoWriMo to give me a goal to aim for, and without a group of like-minded creative types to bounce ideas off of, I apparently just let things drift away.  While I am self-motivated in many other areas in my life, evidently I need to do some more work when it comes to creative ventures.

I wonder, on occasion, if I'm just fooling myself with this whole "I'm going to be a writer!" plan.  Imposter syndrome and I know each other very well, and it's never more obvious than when I'm trying to be creative in some way.  Who am I to think that people will want to read what I have to write?

In my line of work, I encounter a lot of books that, if they'd been passed through a publishing house, would never have seen the light of day.  Self-publishing has become a haven for people who have things to say, and want the world to read it, regardless of what a traditional publisher might feel is commercial enough.  Now, I freely admit that there's a lot of content that isn't all that good out there.  But even when it's terrible - maybe especially when it's terrible - the author has been brave enough to put the words out there into the world.  Even better, some small portion of the world will read those words.

I'm not going to be famous.  There aren't any awards that will be coming my way.  But I do have a story to tell, and maybe - just maybe - someone will be interested in knowing what happens next.