Friday, June 3, 2016

May Round-Up

It's been pretty quiet around here lately, but I'm still trucking away. Not as much writing is getting done as I would like, but at least there's something.

Words written YTD: 28,300 on two projects (Paranormal Investigations & a short story set in the PII universe)

Things accomplished in fiction: Not too much in the main Paranormal Investigations books. In the short story, Dr. Lobo encounters a patient who is behaving quite erratically, and is trying desperately to get some kind of referral for a specialist. This isn't what he signed up for.

Writer-ly things accomplished: The original plan for the short story was to submit it to "People of Col(u)r Destroy Fantasy!", but the further I get, the less fantastic it is and the more it veers toward horror. My work tends to do that sometimes - not sure what that says about me...

New books read: In the Labryinth of Drakes (Lady Trent Memoirs #4, which remains fantastic); The Elite (The Selection #2, which I was surprised to make it through this time - it was better and less meebling than I thought it would be); Rat Queens #16 (to which I say GIVE ME THE NEXT ISSUE); Unbound and Revisionary (Magic Ex Libris #3-4, and the end of the series - it was a little too clean an ending for me, but still did some amazing things with the consequences of secret magic going public).

Old books re-read: The Selection (needed to re-read #1 before getting into #2); Maskerade (such love for this one!); Something Rotten (Thursday Next #4); The
Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (speaking of comfort reading, this is probably my all-time favorite).