Monday, June 27, 2016

Plans and schemes, schemes and plans

I know, I'm a terrible blogger, but I have returned! I would give you the usual song and dance about the various reasons/excuses I haven't blogged, but meh. Time to look forward to plans ahead!

Later this week, we'll be heading to Westercon in Portland. I haven't had much time to look over the schedule, but the weekend will include at least one Powell's run (because obviously), and a potential meet up with a couple of members of the Kicksnarker Google Plus community.

Beginning in July, I'll be starting Camp Nanowrimo round two: Camp Harder. I'm setting my word count goal for 30K, which is double what last Camp's goal ended up being. I'm still goiing to be working my way through Paranormal Investigations, but by gum, I intend to have a full draft of that sucker done, dammit. (And I said dammit, so you have to believe me.)

Finally, I'm really hoping to get back into the blogging habit. I have the germs of a few ideas for blog posts floating around, I just need to pin them down and get them going. If I focus, I think it's something I can do.

Now I want to get some writing done before going back to cramming a week's worth of work into two days. See you on Friday!